Hi, I’m Janice! I’m a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Design.

At Penn, I'm a member of Hack4Impact, where I help build nonprofit software as a developer. Most recently, I worked as a developer and designer to build an interactive map for the Black Innovation Alliance. I’m also the External Vice President of Penn Spark, Penn's first student organization that specializes in product design in addition to coding. A member of the starting executive board, I’ve taught and developed design bootcamps, have worked on Spark’s branding (and rebranding!) and am also a Project Lead for this fall.

I'm also super passionate about uplifting underrepresented communities in computer science. For the almost 4 years, I've worked as an Instructor Assistant and Campus Facilitator for Kode With Klossy, where I supported scholars by leading an 8-week, virtual intensive teaching web development to high school girls.

This summer, I was at the American Civil Liberties Union as a Software Engineering Intern for the Educate Pod in the Project & Technology Team.

When I’m not on my computer, you can find me baking in the kitchen, creating Spotify playlists, or exploring Philadelphia.