my story
안녕 (Hello)! I’m Janice, a third-year dual degree candidate at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science & Design. I get the best of both worlds—a technical, in-depth engineering education and an innovative, interdisciplinary liberal arts background. Previously, I was a design technologist intern at Ripple and a frontend software engineering intern at the American Civil Liberties Union. Currently, I am a digital design intern for Penn Medicine.
What excites me about digital design is being able to collaborate with some of the coolest, most creative minds in technology and design, working at the crossroads of art, engineering, business, and psychology. I’m inspired by the opportunity to build products and experiences that are functional, seamless, and aesthetically beautiful.
When I’m not in a Figma file (ask me about how I use Figma in my daily life), I’m probably working with my peers to build software projects for nonprofit organizations or teaching design to Spark community members at Penn. If I’m not online, I’m probably cooking dinner for friends, working my way through my bookshelf, or reviewing Trader Joe's snacks. Looking for a more career-centric self intro? Check out my resume.
my design principles
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