Resumes don't tell the full story. Behind each experience, skill, or class are memories, struggles, and successes. Below is my resume, but annotated.



Anticipated Spring 2024
University of Pennsylvania

B.S.E. in Computer Science, B.A. in Design
Dean's List (2021-2022)
Relevant Coursework: Data Structures and Algorithms. Scalable & Cloud Computing. Database & Info Systems. Art of the Web. Art, Design, and Digital Culture. Graphic Design. Book & Publication Design.

Software: Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign), Webflow, Miro, Maze, GitHub, CMS Web Design, Jira
Languages: Java, JavaScript, Swift, C, OCaml, Python

Frameworks: AWS, Node.js, React, Vue.js, SQL, Pandas

i added the design degree after fall 2021. i initially entered penn as solely an engineering student, intendeding on majoring in CS. however, after taking my first ever design class, i loved how design didn't feel like schoolwork. 3 hr studios were less tiring than 1 hr math lectures.

i took on two internships summer 2022 because i felt like i was too much of a designer to want to be a software engineer and too much of a technical engineer to be a designer. it was a chance to take advantage of flexible remote work hours and try something new. i really enjoyed how much design freedom i had with penn med along with the fast-paced growth of a startup

to this day and likely until i graduate, i rely on participating in adobe creative jams in order to avoid paying for adobe creative suite. it's a win-win scenario: i get to keep practicing my ux/ui design skills and get to extend my creative cloud license! hurrah!

in my cloud computing class, we had an end of year group project where we had to create a functional, deployed mini facebook—pennbook. the morning of my group's presentation, we were hacked and all of our group's aws accounts had to be shut down because we accidentally opened up all ports to the whole world. oops.

my favorite class at penn so far has been book & publication design w/ sharka hyland. i learned that while options for book design may at first seem restricted, typography is limitless. choosing a typeface, creating book content, and utilizing grids, book design is so technical and intentional, yet allows for innovation. you can find my final project here

Jun 2022 - Present
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Design Technologist Intern
  • Designed and developed mobile-friendly websites for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Consortium and Penn Lung Biology Institute Consortium
  • Improved user experience and usability by introducing user research methodologies and user testing via Maze to site development
Jan 2021- Present
Penn Spark
External Vice President, Design Director
  • Co-launched Penn’s first technology and product design community with 36 active members to build client and creative projects
  • Led and developed 6-week design bootcamp curriculum to introduce design fundamentals to 20 club members across 3 semesters
  • Created product manager training sessions to teach Agile scrum methodology and GitHub practices to 5 first-time project leads
May 2022 - Present
Ripple Interactive
Software Engineering Intern
  • Led team of 4 engineering interns in building user interfaces to support creating new posts, commenting, and reporting posts in Swift
  • Ideated and developed map feature to allow users to filter posts by location and sort posts by popularity or date published
  • Executed Google sign-in with Firebase authentication to decrease user sign-up time by 60% and increased app downloads by 30.6%
Jun 2021 - Aug 2021
American Civil Liberties Union
Software Engineering Intern
  • Built and introduced 7 new Vue.js components to redesign social share experience on ACLU News & Commentary site
  • Improved website accessibility by implementing keypress event listeners and WAI-ARIA concepts to existing Vue.js components
  • Collaborated with senior engineers in biweekly agile sprints, participating in sprint planning and sprint retrospectives
Jun 2020 - Jul 2020
Computer Science Summer Institute Scholar
  • Participated in 4-week intensive project-based CS program taught by Google engineers for high achieving students
  • Completed 3-day final project and 12 individual coding assignments using p5.js library to practice JavaScript fundamentals
  • Ideated and built Chrome extension for language learners to display website text in 2 languages using JavaScript and Translate API
Jul 2018 - Mar 2021
Kode With Klossy
Instructor Assistant (Jul 2018, May 2020 - Aug 2020), Campus Facilitator (Nov 2020 - Mar 2021)
  • Taught Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, & Git to 115 nonbinary and female-identifying students ages 13-18 across 4 intensives
  • Empowered nonbinary and female-identifying individuals to become leaders in tech by addressing social issues in STEM
  • Led and evaluated pilot project to introduce online, 8-week web development curriculum to low-income New Jersey students

there is no title that can describe what i learned and did in a startup environment like ripple. designing pitch decks, conducting user research, prototyping new features, bringing the screens to life in swift, refactoring data models in the backend—this experience is what led me to believe that there had to be a career that combined both design and development. all in the garage of a house in menlo park, ca.

Sept 2020 - Present
Technical Developer
  • Designed and developed 4 high-impact open-source software solutions for nonprofit organizations in teams with 5-8 other students
  • Spearheaded the inclusion of design in development process to further the growth of the organization and product quality

my first internship as a college student,  i was introduced to the world of web accessibility w/ screen-readers, keypress listeners, pop-ups, and more. i also learned about agile methodology by participating in sprint planning, retrospectives, and standup meetings. a product design intern and i got to collaborate on the social share redesign!

from chatting with google engineers, i learned about the 20% rule. which states that 80% of work should be dedicated to assigned tasks while 20% should be set aside for creative projects. i learned that one of my instructors recently got his pilot license and another spent his 20% teaching his kids how to play guitar. i learned the importance of setting aside time for yourself to explore and try new things. my 20% is cooking and baking.

kode with klossy is how i was introduced to computer science, at 16 years old. at the time, my family was moving from texas to new jersey and i was devastated. my mom suggested i head to austin, where my older sister went to school, and find a summer program. little did i know the summer program i applied to to take my mind off moving schools would lead to me returning as an instructor assistant and studying cs in school

while some would call me shy, i feel like a completely different person when i teach. i love that instant of realization when something clicks :~) and my students aren’t the only ones having these “aha!” moments. while teaching, i'm often struck by different perspectives that produce a deeper understanding for myself. sometimes I even find a gap in my own comprehension when i try to explain a concept. teaching pushes me to master what i’ve learned to empower others

i wrote about hack4impact in my college app to penn, so getting in my first semester of college felt pretty surreal. especially having started my first semester of school online, i met several of my first friends at penn through hack. whether it's making a huge vat of mac&cheese for our thanksgiving potluck or having a late night task session before a deadline, i know i can always count on my hack friends <3

after leading the rebrand of femmehacks my freshman year, i met a penn junior, grac(e). grac was the first person outside of my family who really encouraged me to find opportunities to design, eventually inviting me to help with the planning and eventual launch of spark, penn's first tech and design community. since then, i've led projects, launched a newsletter, taught design bootcamps, and declared a second major program ;~)